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EUROPOST® Active (TVS) Headless Post - $101.40 per package

The EUROPOST® System posts are made of titanium alloy. All posts include sandblasted surfaces, parallel sided design and pre-rounded post ends. Venting grooves allow evacuation of dentin debris and provide anti-rotational lock. Each package contains 12 posts.
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Dental Anchor Systems ©2012
• Technical cylindo-ogival root canal post made of titanium.
• Passive anchorage by sealing.
• Retention thread on the post’s body and sanded surface for a better adhesion of the sealing cement
• Retentive head with grooves for the length adjustment and large base for the post stabilization
• Groove along the post’s body for the evacuation of the excess of sealing cement. No stress in the apical zone
TITANIUM "B" Posts - $67.00 per package of 20